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Cao Huining, professor of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

"Today President Xi gave a great speech on economic globalization. Globalization is a trend and it has contributed a lot to the world''''''''''''''''s economic growth. Even if there are many problems, such as being associated with wealth polarization, overall, it benefits the [world] economy a lot and benefits many countries a lot. Xi said China is committed to free trade and an open economy and fighting trade protectionism, which is a good message for the global economy."

It is expected that the market will import 5,000 tons of fresh meat from Kazakhstan annually and will carry out cooperation in upstream areas such as animal husbandry, fattening operations and slaughtering, said Zhang Yuxi, chairman of the market, at a ceremony marking Beijing''''''''''''''''s first beef import from Kazakhstan on Monday.

Students who have more than 60 meals and spend less than 200 yuan (about $29.5) per month, will get 160-yuan (about $23.1) subsidy per month, without the need to apply for the subsidy.




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