Rabbit or fox? Unknown animal near Chang'e 5 stirs curiosity

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===>Rabbit or fox? Unknown animal near Chang'e 5 stirs curiosity[field]===> The reentry capsule of Chang'e 5 lunar mission returned to Earth on Thursday. The infrared display shows a small animal running in front of the spacecraft. [Photo/CCTV news]

The reentry capsule of China's Chang'e-5 lunar mission successfully returned home on Thursday after weeks of space travel. A video clip of a small animal passing the probe went viral online.

Quite a few internet users left comments such as "So cute! Is it Chang'e's pet Yutu?" In ancient Chinese mythology, Yutu is the white pet rabbit of the lunar goddess Chang'e.

The animal was captured by an infrared camera equipped on an aircraft during the recovery mission. "As long as it produces heat, it can be captured," said Liu Pengfei, a commander at the landing site.

So what animal do you think it is? A rabbit like Yutu, or something else?

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